Responsibility according to P.PLAST

Is there still a boundary between company and community? P.PLAST’s reflection on the subject starts from the concept of responsibility.

All businesses, from multinationals to start-ups, are now being asked to make an active civic contribution, free from business motives. As part of the social fabric, companies must be sensitive to the problems of the present day and proactive in providing a solution that ensures an adequate response to people’s needs. It is no coincidence that the word ‘responsibility’ comes from the Latin responsum, response.
This means adopting a corporate philosophy that gives the same priority to economic and social goals, which is embodied in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): the set of policies and initiatives implemented by a company in favour of the community in which it operates.

P.PLAST has long supported the athletes of the Juvenes Pradalunghese junior football club, in the conviction that sport is synonymous with cooperation, loyalty and friendship, and believing that young people deserve continual and increasing investment in the future.

Since 2023, the company has been an official supporter of For You, a project that promotes positive lifestyles and raises community awareness about the importance of breast cancer prevention. Thanks to this collaboration, all P.PLAST professionals have the opportunity to undergo a free annual breast examination for cancer prevention, directly at the workplace.
Moreover, the company contributed to the purchase of a vehicle dedicated to transporting disabled people within the municipality of Pradalunga.

This is because there is no enterprise without the territory of which it is a part. There is no room for progress without human capital. There is no business without ethics.