in the thermoplastic industry in thermoforming in vacuum


Innovation and flexibility, dynamism and cutting-edge technology: P.PLAST has been a leader in processing, transforming, and applying plastic materials, mainly by using the vacuum moulding technology, since 1993. In addition, the main activities of the company are the moulding of PVC carpets, the coupling between PVC and soundproofing materials, and the management of the industrial and artisan upholstery departments.


P.PLAST is a family company with strong local roots, which has been growing continuously. Its operational headquarters are in the province of Bergamo, in Pradalunga, Val Seriana. It works in an area of 16,500 square meters and uses advanced machines for moulding and processing small and large formats. Professionalism, expertise, and experience, gained over the past 30 years, have allowed this company to stand out in a continuous process of innovation, in pursuit of service and product quality, commitment to research, and environmental sensitivity. Our employees are a driving force and an integral part of the business. They are qualified workers promoting made-in-Italy products as well as supporters of our credibility in the national and international market.

New Product Development New Product Development

Market, technology, product

Rationality of production processes

Special technical service Special technical service

Special technical service

Technical assistance from the creation to the custom final product

Market analysis Market analysis

Market analysis

Production flexibility to meet market needs

Certified quality system Certified quality system

Certified quality

The system of guarantee of production processes and products



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Production rearrangement

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Thanks to the new plant for vacuum thermoforming, one of the biggest in Europe, arranged in the headquarters of P.Plast, the customers are now able to follow the whole production, making changes during the operation. Questo post è disponibile anche […]

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A new anthropomorphic measuring arm for the company

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Buying an anthropomorphic measuring arm allows scanning the surfaces of moulds and moulded parts in order to reproduce mechanisms and prismatic features. The process carried out by this instrument with contact or non-contact measurement capabilities generates a point cloud for […]

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