P.PLAST is a leader in processing, transforming, and applying plastic materials, mainly by using the vacuum moulding technology.

Cutting-edge advanced systems allow the management of production cycles (both fully automated and semi-automated) and the specific intervention of qualified personnel, when it is necessary during the production process.

P.PLAST fornisce la grande impresa così come nicchie di produzione ad alta specializzazione. L'attenzione all'aggiornamento industriale e alle dinamiche di mercato sono per l'azienda premessa e punto di forza per un processo di crescita continua, reso possibile dalla qualità del servizio e della mano d'opera.


From customers’ projects to mass production, P.PLAST manages each step of the production on order. The creation of prototypes, starting from two-dimensional drawings, mathematical formulas or sample prototypes, is carried out in collaboration with the customer.



Plastic sheets - which can have a thickness from 1.5 to 8 mm and a size of minimum 230 x 300 and maximum 2500 x 3500 – are placed in the thermoforming machine, and then they are heated and moulded by suction with the vacuum technique, reproducing the sample of the mould. This technology applies to many plastic materials including ABS, ABS + PC, ABS + PMMA, methacrylate, polycarbonate, and polystyrene. Vacuum thermoforming is also suitable for the production of composite parts, such as polystyrene / ABS combined with fabric, or sound-absorbing semi-manufactured products coupled with PVC.

Manual cutting and finishing

Perimeter finishing and product perforation are carried out at one of the five numerically controlled cutting centres. Highly skilled workers, who are trained according to the different orders, carry out all additional manual processes - application of tubular inserts, ultrasonic welding, etc.

Costi contenuti, tempi ridotti: la tecnologia dello stampaggio consente un ottimale calibrazione del rapporto processi/tempo di produzione sia per la realizzazione di prototipi che di pezzi di serie.